What's on your RoadID? (Read 1144 times)

    My bracelet doesn't stink. Maybe I'm doing it wrong?

      nothing...don't see the point to it at all.


        nothing...don't see the point to it at all.


        Then this thread is not for you.



          to the OP - no, you're not overthinking this. it's important to choose the correct info for the small space, and you will wear it a whole lot, so you want it to work for you. 


          to SRL's point on the ankle roadID chafing - i don't have a problem with that... maybe because it's usually outside my socks?


          and, finally, to bhearn - IT'S A FREE COUNTRY I CAN GO WHERE I WANT.

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          delicate flower

            I have one of those thin rubber bands and wear it all the time.  It is my jewelry! 


            Name/birth year

            City, State

            Wife's phone numer

            Mom's phone number

            "Did I win?"



              It says name, phone number and DNR.




              I wish I'd said that. 

              The process is the goal.

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                Name, city/state, wife's name, home and her mobile phone numbers, "low resting HR", no major medical history, my drug allergy, and organ donor.


                MTA: get the Elite, it never gets permanent-stink like the fabric/Velcro band does.


                Low resting HR I think is important if your resting HR is below about 50. I had a bike crash where I was unconscious for a few minutes and ended up in the ER for testing. The ER docs were initially concerned with my low resting HR until my wife finally showed up and explained that I am a runner/triathlete and a low resting HR is normal for me.


                I forgot to put that on my Road ID but think I may buy a new replacement tag so I can include that info.


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                  I have a Go Sports ID (same as RoadID) that I got for cheap through earndit.com. About the same size as the slim RoadID. Mine has


                  Name / birth year

                  boyfriend's phone number

                  NKA, blood type, organ donor

                  quote: "Penguin Forever"



                    ICE contact info




                    "Run Bitch"


                    Gift from a female training partner.  It's our term of endearment for each other.




                      ICE contact info




                      "Run Bitch"


                      Gift from a female training partner.  It's our term of endearment for each other.


                      Love it!!


                      I am trying to decide between "Run Like a Mother" and "RightfootLeftFootRepeat"

                      I can and I will!

                      Singer who doesn't run.

                        Hm, it's been so long since I ran with mine that I'm not sure.  My name, DH's name, DH's cell, and my work number, since I used to run in the neighborhood where I worked. 

                        I sort of quit wearing it when I quit running at work.  Now I run with DH around our neighborhood, which consists of about 20 houses and people who know we run, so they pretty much watch out for us.

                        But yeah, mine stinks.  So does my watch band.

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                          Mine has Name, Wife's Phone, Mom's Phone.  Medical info. And: "If reading: Pause Garmin, pls"


                          The only useful blood-type to have on your band is O Neg, if you are O Neg.  They will type everyone, but in an emergency they will give you O Neg, thinking that's your type lessens the urgency to get a correct type.


                          I used to have a RoadID on the shoe, but I cycled through 4 shoes over the summer.  So, instead I got one for my watch: http://www.1bandid.com/


                          Now I always have it.

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                            Name.  Birth year.

                            Two emergency contacts.

                            Low pulse rate (as my resting HR is pretty low).


                            I need to update the contacts.  One phone number changed--whoops.

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                              My Road ID:


                              Line 1: Name

                              Line 2: City/State, Driver's License #

                              Line 3: Date of Birth, Blood Type

                              Line 4: Emergency Contact

                              Line 5: No Med HX (no medical history), NKA/NKDA (no known allergies/no known drug allergies)


                                I won a 15 dollar gift card for one, I haven't used it much




                                Contact info

                                "Run more miles"