HELP! Can't find shoes in Japan. Online stores? (Read 923 times)

    HELP!!! My shoes should've been in the grave hundreds of k's ago. I live in the north of Japan and it's really hard for me to find anything in size 29.5 (US11.5). I guess I'll have to buy online from North America, but the shipping costs for a light pair of shoes seems pretty ridiculous.... Can anyone out there help me and post a link to a good online store, who'll ship internationally, and who won't charge through the roof for shipping..... Thnx.
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      JaySee, I checked out Eastbay.com, and shipping to Asia's around $45. I think that's highway robbery for just a pair of shoes... Which shoes are you looking for?

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        Unfortunately I don't read Japanese, but does Amazon.com in Japan carry shoes? Amazon.co.jp

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