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Thats rad

    Anyone else on here surf? If so where and what board(s) do you ride?


    I'm in southern NC riding an 8'6" hybrid(longboard width and thickness but shaped pointier like a shortboard)




      Used to.  A little.  Got old.  I highly recommend against getting old.


      Crazy Q

      Net Neaderthal & Escapee

        Stand up paddleboard is about as close as I get out on the Bay.

        Wot? Run? I thought they said Rum!

          I did alot down here in NZ up until I started running a couple years ago. Ride a 9'1 classic malibu longboard made in aussie. My ribs dig in the board now when I paddle lol

          Not That Douchey

            i had a 9'2" Spectrum Long board.


            i gave it away a few years ago when my DD decided she loved surfing- i didnt mind putting myself into the middle of the food chain- but i had a big problem putting my kid in the middle of the food chain*


            *live in central florida- shark bite capital of the world. though most of the bites are small nibbles- to a 8-10 yo the small nibble could be deadly.