New Form for submitting virtual race times - starts now with May Virtual Race! (Read 433 times)

    Hello, Virtual Racers! The May race is upon us, and Daddyo (aka Dave), our guest race director, has created a new form for you to submit your race results on. Instead of using my geocities page, please go instead to http://www.daddyo.ca/running-ahead/race-entry.php and fill out that form instead. Results will be compiled by Daddyo on the site. For now, old race results are still available at http://www.geocities.com/yanelh/past_results.html. We will be switching results and profiles over to Dave's site in the coming weeks. Good luck everyone and happy racing! Janell

    Roads were made for journeys...

      Thanks Dave for taking over for the month of May! Can't wait for things to ease up for ya Janell!!

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