January swimming (Read 1164 times)

    30 min swim for me to end the month. Golf score = 92, wahoo! Unfortunately, all it tells me is that I glide nicely but slowly....58 + 17 + 17 (yards, not meters) .

    go Care Bear go!

      Hi all... I've been so busy with work and other stuff, I've been lucky to log on to track my workouts, much less hang around and socialize on the message boards with all of you! But this is the one thread I've been trying to keep up with when I can. I had a great swim tonight, one hour.. 2800 yds. Didn't feel like doing sets of anything in particular, so just counted laps and stopped for the occasional sip of water and a cap & goggle adjustment. I've run a few times this week and will get out in the morning for a short one. I have a 15k coming up in a week while in Florida. It's the Gasparilla in Tampa that was great fun last year. What I'm really missing is some cycling!


        Just started but nothing impressive - want to be kind to my body!