Plantar Fascitis..............symptoms/solutions (Read 328 times)


    2 PRP procedures and my foot isn't healing.


    I found out today I may have arthritis in my big toe.



    Sorry the PRP isn't helping; I'm about to be forced to stop running myself for a while due to heel  pain that may or may not be PF.


    Regarding the arthritis in your big toe - does it hurt or cause you problems? I have "Hallux Rigidus" arthritis on both big toes, and while it's a nuisance and occasionally aches a bit, it doesn't stop me from running or even slow me down as near as I can tell. I blame hallux rigidus on western "civilization" requiring us to wear shoes all the time. I hate wearing shoes, and the older I get the more my feet ache to be free.

    Chili Pepper

      Pf sucks. Act swiftly it will not take care of itself. It will only get worse. You have to be on to of it all the time. I don't believe a podiatrist will help, at least none that I have seen.


      I have done almost everything except invasive treatments light cortisone, laser and surgery. I spent 4 months in physical therapy stretching strengthening and manual(graston technique). I still have it but at least I can walk almost pain free.  Do not waste time find the problem and fix it. The calves are the best place to start, find the knots and get rid of them. A physical therapist or chiropractor can help determine the cause.