I did it!!! (Read 929 times)


    I just reached my goal of 500 miles.  I started running in June and I have reached my goal of 500 miles.  I am so happy.   I never thought I could do such a thing.  Thanks to RA for all of the great advice and inspiration. 

    Happy New Year!!


      jacquie is happie!


      Great job!


          Congratulations, Jackie.

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              Nicely done!

              Unfortunately, now you're back to zero Smile

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                Congratulations!  Next...

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                  Good job.  Next year it can be 1,000.

                    Thanks guys!   It sure feels great to have done something no one thought I could do.

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                      great job!

                      bob e v
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                        great job!!! you did it


                        and now there is noone who can stop you to get to the 1000 miles this year. WTG runner!!!

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