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carl winslow

    Hi guys,

    I have been running about 7-8 miles every day since dec.1 2019. i am very good at sticking to a schedule to run but i think my poor diet is making this hard. I am good at sticking to a diet if i know one. does anyone know of general diet schedules like wake up drink coffee, bottle of water and oatmeal and a banana. run. after drink another water eat granola bar. for lunch eat........i am looking for optimal diet to use to optimize my running every other day.i would also like to get more exact like for male 167lb how many calories i need to fuel my run but not exceed so eat too much.

    I hope this is the correct place to post this i am new. thanks for all the help!


      Sounds Ike you are eating too many carbs.


        why don't you check out Matt Fitzgerald's Endurance Diet? its a good book and a good place to start, adjust as you need to

        Elite Jogger

          Another book by Matt Fitzgerald worth reading is ‘Racing Weight’  (there might be a more updated version of the link below)



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