Running or walking for weight (Read 156 times)

    So, wait, you thought you were too thin to bike well?


    I had no energy and was dying towards the end of rides. I simply wasn't getting enough fuel. At 5'7" and ~135 lbs I wasn't interested in losing any weight. Even back then I knew the climbers were several inches taller than me at around the same weight, or even lighter. There was no chance of a pro team calling me looking for riders even if I was even lighter. Wink

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      I prefer beer for weight.  I have trouble putting it on if I run or walk too much.


      Same here. ROFL.
      Ans specialy nowadays when beer awareness is rising and the supermarkets are filled with all types of yummy looking ales, pilses and whatever you may dream on.

      When I run I feel like a swallow

      Because you are free like a bird?

      Nope, because of all the flies I eat.


        Ditto ++++thought I was crazy. Glad I am not.



        Ditto to this.  All the exercise in the world doesn't do bupkiss for my weight if I'm still eating crap.  I can lose with rabid attention to diet, even without exercise.  Generally I lose better without exercise, unfortunately, because bonking isn't an issue when I'm mostly sedentary.  Bonking really sucks miles from home.

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          Ditto ++++thought I was crazy. Glad I am not.



          Once upon a time I lost 60#s while mostly inactive.  I had 10 more #s I wanted to lose, so I started running...I have since gained 20#s... *sigh*  When I busted my wrist I was ordered to do NOTHING for about 6 weeks.  In 2 months time I lost 15#s.  I regained pretty much all of them when I started back to running and biking.  The eating that allows me to lose like a bandit is not eating that lends itself well to endurance activities, at least for me.  There are some people (at least 2 right here on RA) who can do amazing things on a ketogenic diet, but I battled queasiness during each and every run.  As soon as I'd stop running my stomach settled itself, but I couldn't tolerate more than about 3 miles with an unsettled gut.

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