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    Related to the waking up early thread but a little off topic so I'm starting a new post...

    I have two boys so either my husband or myself have to be home in the morning. I do much better getting my runs in if I do it early in the morning, but as a female it makes me nervous to run in the dark alone. I wouldn't say I live in a bad neighborhood or anything, I just get nervous about running alone. Right now I'm unemployed so I've started running during the day while they are at school but once I get a job (hopefully sooner rather than later) I'll have to do it before everyone gets up. If I wait and do it in the afternoon it just doesn't happen.

     Any suggestions?

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    Oh roo roooo!

      One hint that may seem obvious--be very aware of your surroundings (no music!)  If I had a penny for every person I have startled by coming up behind them when they could not hear me, I would be retired to some pleasant climate by now (and I am not some stealthy, cat-like runner, either...).


      I'm not sure how dangerous it really is (or isn't) for a woman to run alone--I have run almost exclusively early AMs, always alone, for a number of years now and have never had even the most minor scare, but that is only my own personal experience.  If I truly felt it was dangerous, I don't think I'd do it.  Guess everyone has their own comfort level.

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        I run in the early morning and I am a woman. It is true that there are few people around, but I actually feel safer than when I run in the evenings. I sort of assume that all the "bad guys" go to bed late and are not up early in the morning.


        Sometimes when I am running I look for houses that have lights on so that I would have somewhere to run if I am attacked. But in general I am more scared of getting hit by a car or tripping in the dark (so I run with KnuckleLights now).

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          The hardest part of early morning running for me is that it takes so long for my body to get warmed up compared to evenings, but that's another topic.


          Re: safety.  Be aware of your surroundings.  Wear bright clothes and have a light.  Take your phone.  Let someone know where you went and when you expect to return.  Carry pepper spray if it makes you feel better, but practice with it first so you know what it's going to do when you hit the trigger.

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            I love running early mornings and have never felt in danger during any of my runs.


            But then again I'm a guy and nobody seems to bother me, 3 years of running and not a single cat call.Cry


            Maybe if you put away the pretty pink running suits and started dressing and looking like a guy no one would bother you. (and carry peeper spray just incase)


            or better yet get a dog, they are great company on daily runs. Don't want to get a dog? borrow the neighbors, There is a dog that waits for me almost every morning to go for a run and it's not even my dog, it's the neighbor.  At first I tried to shoo it home, then it would wait in the bushes intil I got down the road and then catch up. Then I told the owners about the dog following me, it stopped showing up for a week or two then right back on my porch. Finally I just gave up and started taking a leash with me so I could put it on a leash if traffic got bad or if we were getting into a crowded neighborhood. She makes a great running partner, most of the time she is right beside me, she never complains and listens to every word I say. Afterwards I give her a pat on the head and home she goes.

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              I am a female early morning runner too.  I have (1) my dog and (2) my cell phone with me on my runs.  I have always felt safe as far as a runner, but sometimes I am worried about the vehicle traffic.  Being aware of my surroundings at all times helps.  I give the cars a wide berth and let my dog be seen. 


                   I sort of assume that all the "bad guys" go to bed late and are not up early in the morning.


                 I used the same logic for a long time at the place we lived before here. I think part of my problem is we just moved so I'm not really comfortable with my surroundings yet. We don't have a dog, but I have thought about getting one for a running partner. Smile

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                  I'm an early morning runner (and female).  My biggest fear is getting mowed down by an inattentive driver, so  I wear a reflective vest with a couple of obnoxiously bright blinky lights (front and back), so they can see me.  I also vary my route every day, don't wear headphones, and pay attention to my surroundings.  I  have a dog tag laced into one shoe with my name, address and husband's cell phone number on it,  just in case.  Most of the time I feel pretty safe.  I wouldn't trade my morning runs for any other time of the day!