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    Just wondering who all had experience with the Bowflex machines and what kind of results came from using one. I am looking to purchase a home gym and have found a good deal on a Bowflex, but before I purchase, I wanted some feedback.
      Wow...I dont know how to take the silence. I also realize no one ever checks this forum.

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        No...it just means no one has experience with a Bowflex. Which is strange, since even the question about kettlebells was answered. I can tell you that I tried a Bowflex out once and thought it felt weird...I think because the resistance changes ...or something...as you move the "power rods" through their range of motion. But it didn't feel as odd as a Soloflex...if you aren't accustomed to lifting, it might not feel odd to you. Arla

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          I just came off my last semester of college weight training class with free weights. Chances are it would feel weird. Darn craigslist has bowflexes for under $200 everywhere I look. Just trying to find something to supplement my marathon training.
            Hi Ryan I don't have any experience of the bowflex apart from seeing one in a shop Smile However in another forum I frequent one of the guys likes the bowflex. You may need to register to view the post: http://karatethejapaneseway.com/karate_underground/viewtopic.php?t=7592&highlight=bowflex His first paragraph: "There are few things I know more about than weight training. I was, twenty years ago, a competitive bodybuilder and serious weight lifter. At one point I could bench press 455 lbs in strict form and perform multiple sets of 5 to 10 repetitions of bench press at 405 lbs. I know my weight lifting. " His final recommendation: "If you want a quiet, tidy home gym that will give you a great work out as PART of your fitness program, then I recommend the Bowflex unit. I currently am using a combination of the Bowflex and the Soloflex and am just loving it." His full review is quite long - it's worth registering just to read it. Geoff


              On a sub I was stationed on we had one. It was awesome. No bulky weights to move on and off a bar, easy to adjust, and it worked pretty well. We never had a problem with it. Most of the workouts you can do without a bar, so it's working a lot of stabilizer muscles along with the targeted group. Since we have no room at home, we're waiting till we move to get one.


                I've had a Bowflex PowerPro XTL (older model) for years. I think it's great. The individual exercises can't compete with the specialized machines at the gym, but for a compact, all-in-one unit, it's pretty awesome. Free weights are better if you're into body building, but that requires a lot of space and assistance as well. You can get very toned, strong, buff, and big using the Bowflex depending on your goals. I haven't found it very useful for an aerobic benefit. The rods make it very simple to change resistance and there is a huge number of exercises to choose from. There's a decent book out there as well called "The Bowflex Body Plan". Overall recommended. Nick