Sub 50 goal for a 10K... in Huaraches!! (Read 234 times)


    Well, I don't know if I will finally do that, everything depends on how battered I am after running a sub 3:28 marathon and a 10K two weeks later.


    I know, I know... it's folly, you will injure yourself to dead, etc...


    But this is the race of my city and the most important is to be there, it's also for a good cause: Fund raising for muscular diseases (such as muscular atrophy). I won't miss it by any means but at the same time I will surely not be able/willing to reach anything below 45- 50 minutes...


    So that I will do something crazy to put myself on the map!


    And this will be doing the race in Huaraches!


    I have already done several 5 milers  and a 7 miler at a good pace (8:05, actually) so that I don't expect problems Smile


    "If one can stick to the training throughout the many long years,
    then will power is no longer a problem. It's raining? That doesn't matter.
    I am tired? That's besides the point. It's simply that I just have to."

    Emil Zatopek