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    haven't updated my running log for weeks now though I have been running and by now I have forgotten what I did before last weekend. I am not sure whether to fill it in with what I probably did seeing as how I am a creature of habit right now while in recovery from an injury or leave it blank.
    The zeros really annoy me.
    Inaccuracy does too.



      I would fill it in with an estimate because I would want to know what I did while I was getting over an injury because the information might be useful in the future.


      Of course, I don't care about uncertainty. Wink  I run for time and rarely bother to plug my Garmin in, since typing in a few fields is quicker than syncing.

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        Its your log - Do whatever you want.

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          Its your log - Do whatever you want.


          That, and nobody else will care.  That said, I'd guestimate.


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            Dopplebock- Big grin one vote for option 3



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              Option #3.    


              Just one of the many great things about RA, you can create your log as you like.



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                Let that which does not matter truly slide Smile

                  I ay "estimate", but keep the log going.


                  I don't know about y'all, but ever since I started the running log (less than a year ago), I have been doing alot more miles, because I know each day I am going to come home and log those in, and I want to hit certain MPW.   Running log has been very beneficial to me.


                  So yeah, estimate what you missed, but I would say try and keep it accurate if you can, especially if it helps you do more than you otherwise would.  ...


                  PS..  Very disappointed to see Dopples' log no longer present...., in all honesty was very motivating to me to see what he can do and what he has achieved.   --- I doubt I will ever be able to do 900 miles in a single month, but I sure am trying to get at least a little closer to that direction....   :-)

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                    Guess all the miles you missed and stick them all on one day. That's easiest to enter and makes the niftiest looking log graph.

                    It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

                    One day at a time

                      Guess all the miles you missed and stick them all on one day. That's easiest to enter and makes the niftiest looking log graph.


                      But then all of your normal runs look so puny!


                        I went through a similar patch last year and I stopped logging my workouts for a while.  I also like to log things have the data but for some that can negatively influence rehab.  The focus for rehab/recovery should be to heal not to train.  For me, even though I am not that fast, it was a confidence issue.  It was a negitive in my mind to enter those slower runs, if it wasn't longer or faster it didn't look like progress.


                        My vote was to keep it empty, and maybe still keep doing it for a while longer (see below).  Keep the log empty and maybe even run with out the watch/GPS if possible.  Glance at the clock before starting, run the distance or the amount of time you want - focus on pace, your body and how it feels and then glance at the clock after for a rough estimate of the time.


                        One quick final note.  I started my log back up at the begining of this year thinking it was time to start again even though I had been running for a few months.  Things were giong pretty good for a while.  As the competitive side of me took over I started up-ing the milage and more importanly the intensity and pace, probably to quickly ,and the Achilles is bothering me again.  Now instead of building through the summer I will have to layoff for a few weeks and increase cross training before getting back to running again.

                          Input a new type of run. Call it an estimate.


                          Estimate everything you missed.


                          3-4 years from now an estimate is better than an unknown.