Training Plan Suggestion! (Read 540 times)


    Now that marathon 1 is done with, i have a whole year for my next marathon to train for with half marathon in June and am looking for suggestions to optimize my training plans. I've looked at online training plans but most of them 18 - 20 weeks before marathon plans.marathon i was on pace for 4:30ish before poor race fueling plan execution lead to a 5:08 finish. I've been running regularly only since this May. My PR for 5K 2 months before the marathon was 28:29 but could have been faster since i was running it with a stroller. During my marathon training 20 - 25 MPW was ok but 30 - 35 seemed to be an upper ceiling as they left me pretty drained. Is a 4 hr or sub 4 marathon possible by next December ? Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.