Cross Training without a Gym Membership (Read 1838 times)

    I have recently frozen my gym membership because I can't bring myself to go into the gym when the weather has been so beautiful. However, is there any way I can cross-train on non-running days without using the gym equipment? Or is it OK to run most days and just follow some DVD's at home? I have a few Cathe Friedrich DVDs which target the core, legs, butt,arms, etc. Thank you for any advice.

    My legs are killing me

      How about riding a bike? That's good cross training and its fun too.
        That is a good idea. I had so many flat tires a few years ago it kind of put me off of biking. I should know how to change a flat, but I can never remember how to.
          I like bodyweight exercises myself. Here is a routine from a decent bodyweight site that will give you some ideas to get started. The only equipment you need is a place to do pullups. You can do pullups almost anywhere with a little imagination, or for a small amount of money, you can get a bar that mounts on a doorframe.
            +1 on bodyweight exercises, although small free weights can be valuable too.


              I'm currently using exercises from: http://www.crossfit.com Some of it requires weights and benches but some of the most difficult exercises are body weight only with high reps and a large number or sets. Burpees (a combination pushup, ab workout, and jumping motion) will absolutely kill you. Also some of the bodyweight squat workouts, back extensions (I do them on a ball at home), and lunges will give you more of a workout than you may want...

              I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.


              Hold the Mayo

                Burpees (a combination pushup, ab workout, and jumping motion) will absolutely kill you....
                Burpees! Weren't these from Wonderama? I believe Bob McAllistar called them 4-count Burpees. In college we used to have contests to see how many we could do drunk. Do 10, chug a beer. 10 more, chug a beer. Repeat until only one person (ALWAYS a guy) is left standing. Funniest part was watching people hit their heads on the floor as they went down - 10 times! (Damn... now I've got that "Kids Are People, Too" song running through my head - Wac-A-Doo, Wac-A-Doo, Wac-A-Doo!)

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                  I like riding a bike on hills once a week. It's less wear and tear but close to running hills. Swimming if that is an option is great. Body wieght stuff is excelent. My wife had a hard time with pull-ups so I encouraged her to get a stool to start the pull-ups in finish position and lower herself as slow as she could. She's building up to a regular one. One last thought: Jumprope for a minute between your body wieght exercises. Motivation and imagination is almost all you need. Wink
                  Find the fun.
                    I love the idea of a jump rope. No worries about flat tires,etc and can do it under the carport if it is raining outside. Probably tougher than I remember as a kid. Thank you for all the suggestions!
                      i cycle, swim & do yoga. and hike and play tag w/ kids and soccer with friends. and have as much sex as i can, ha.