2 Weeks into C25K and i'v hurt myself (Read 936 times)


    I thought i would take this opportunity to ask for a little advice. After the W2D2 run on Monday i have been getting some stiffness and tenderness in what i think is my tendon just behind the inside of my ankle (not Achilles). It is slowly getting better but im guessing that this will stop me running for a little while. Any ideas what causes this and what i can do to prevent it happening again? Also does anybody know how long i should take before i start running again cos im pretty dissapointed as i was enjoying running more than any physical activity for a long time (wierdly as i hated it at school). Thanks in advance Charlie

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      I'm not sure what would have caused that, but what sort of shoe are you wearing? If you're not wearing the proper shoe for your foot that might be cause of an injury like that. If you haven't already, I'd definitely find a running specialty store and have them assess your gait and make sure that you have the right shoe for your needs. And you may find that your needs change some from time to time. I have personally found that my stability needs seem to decrease in the winter when I am running on more slippery and irregular surfaces (ie snow and ice). The shoe that worked for me this Winter doesn't work for me now, but the shoe that worked for me all last Summer and Fall is back to being my favorite. Smile k

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        Very often smaller injuries will heal in about three days if you don't try to "run through" them. If something in a joint hurts, as a general rule of thumb, be very careful.... baby it, don't run on it. Like zoom-zoom said, shoes are often a first culprit. It looks like the time your ankle started hurting was also the first time you ran in those ASICS Gel-Mohawks? I don't know much about specific shoes, but from that sample of one run/one injury, you might fairly assume they're perhaps not the best shoe for you. If they're brand new you might want to take them back to the store you got them at, and then at a running shoe store have someone analyze your gait and help you pick out a shoe. I also see from your log that you ran two days together last week, took three off, ran two together this week, etc. You may want to consider spacing your runs out a little more. Take a rest day in between each run if you're only running 2-3 times per week. If I remember right, the C25K plan has you running 3 days per week? Definitely space them out. Your body is needing time to get used to this new exercise you're asking of it. Good luck, and don't give up! Janell

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          Just did a quick Google on the Asics Gel Mohawks and it looks like it's a cushioning shoe for a neutral runner. If you over- or under-pronate then they might not be offering enough support. Did you get fitted for them in a running store where they analyzed your gait? If not, you might want to look into having it done. I started out running in a shoe that provided too much support and it just killed my knees. Went in and got fitted in a good, neutral shoe and I've been pain free since then. Teresa
            If this is the first time this has happened, i wouldn't worry too much about it so quickly. I sometimes get a sore muscle here and there. I use bio-freeze, and wrap/compress the area all day/night, and the pains usually go away in a few days. If it reoccurs, I'd start looking at shoes, running form, training distances/schedule, etc.
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              Thanks for your replys.


                Thanks for your replies and advice I didnt get my gait assesed in a speciality store as I cant seem to find one in Dublin (Ireland), does anybody know of onel. All i have to go on is the wet footprint test and that looks like a neutral pronater to me but im no expert obviously. So far its been 4 days since i did it and its not getting better in a hurry, this could be because in those 4 days 3 of them have been spent doing 13 hr shifts on my feet on a hospital ward, but i have 3 days off now so im gonna chill out and rest. I will try and space my runs out a bit more when this gets better though. Thanks for the words of encouragent though as the thought of just giving up this whole idea had entered my head. Love Charlie
                  Charlie? I don't see any runs this week... you still with us?

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                    Yep im still here, i havent been running these past few weeks as i was giving myself some time for the tendonitus to get better. It has and im off to the running shop i have discovered in Bray (a few miles down the coast from Dublin but the only place i can see that does gait analysis) tomorrow to get myself some proper shoes. Ill keep you all posted and fingers crossed i will be logging a run tomorrow Smile Thanks for your support Charlie


                      Well my first trip to a speciality running shop with gait analysis was interesting, and i think successfull. I ended up coming out with the most expensive shoes in the shop but i did try on about 7 other pairs first. I ended up with a pair of Acisc Gel-Kayano's. It seems im wierd, barefoot on a hard surface i am a neutral pronator but put me in a pair of cushioned running shoes and i become an overpronator. Anyway i went out for a run as soon as i came back and so far so good, although i have definitely lost the slight bit of fitness that i had gained in the two weeks prior to the 3 week layoff being injured so its back to square one again but never mind.