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    Hello everyone,


    My new Guide 10's have got me scouring the internet, which led me to here.  I bought these Guide 10's to replace my old Guide 7's, which I love.  The problem with the guide 10's is my ankle bone is hitting/rubbing the shoe and it's unbearable.  This is very unfortunate as they are otherwise very comfortable.


    My theory is that they offer more cushion which is causing my heel to sink further into the shoe, which is causing my ankle bone to hit the shoe,  Anyway, they draw blood - which stinks because they weren't cheap, LOL.


    So now I have to find a replacement and I'm guessing I need something with less cushion so my heel doesn't sink as much into the shoe.  A friend recommended sticking an in-sole of some sort in there but I'm not convinced that will work.  I'd return them but at this point they have been worn for a week and even have blood on them from my ankle bone, LOL.  I'm afraid to order another pair of shoes as I may run into this same issue with them.


    Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this?  Thanks in advance for any advice.



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      just cut out the offending area(s)


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        No great shoe recommendations. Maybe some kind of insert which raises your heel up, to prevent your ankle from rubbing? But that might create other issues, hard to tell. I think you want a shoe that works for you as is. Mainly posting here for some shopping suggestions. I'd hate to throw away the money on 1 week old shoes.


        1. Check the return/exchange policy of the place you bought them, if you haven't already. Some retailers, either brick & mortar or online, will take back worn items, at least to exchange.


        2. If you strike out with your retailer, maybe worth a try to contact Saucony directly. The industry is competitive and I'd think they will not want to lose a customer.


        3. In the future, shop at retailers which do have good return policies. There are enough of them around. Especially when trying a new model for the first time - a quick jog on the store treadmill is not a sufficient trial. And updated versions of a shoe you've already worn should be treated as a new model. A model update causing serious problems is not unheard of. It's happened to me too. And I was able to exchange them after 70 miles of wear. (Thank you, Brooks.com.)


        Maybe the bloodstains will help your case on the return/exchange - it's not like you don't like the way they look, they are actually making your foot bleed. Worst case, you can put them on eBay and claim Curt Schilling wore them during the 2004 ALCS.


          I've had similar issues.  Buzzie said to cut out the offending areas.  It has been my experience that she has the simplest solution.

            i would definitely try contacting saucony, i have had many good experiences when the store would not refund me but contacting the brand got me coupons or exchanges, not with shoes...but still, worth a shot and probably a good shot too


              Steve, What about finding another pair of Guide 7s? I found a few on line. Maybe a bit of air seepage, but the size and cushioning should be the same. Ask if you can return your Guide 10s for a pair of Guide 7s. Other than that, find the specs on the Guide 7s and compare that to the Guide 10s' heel specs. I think they are the same, but I didn't confirm the numbers.

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