New Scripts work wrong in my Wordpress (Read 242 times)

    Hi everyone,

    i decided to use the new codes from the scripts for my wordpress website.

    Now i have some layout problems, i didn't have with the old ones.


    -personal records don't fit in their box

    -latest workout box is as long as my blog article oder my left column

    -everything in the boxes looks a little bit bigger on my site


    Just have a look at www.benjaminobermeier.com an scroll down. i tried the boxes in the left an the right column.

    Probably i need only some css codes, to edit the boxes but i don't get this.


    If anyone can help, i'd be glad.


    PS: i prefer the old summary-box without the last workout on top, because my last workout is also in the box my latest 5 workouts... is it possible to design the summary with and without the latest workout fact?


    Keep on running!


      The scripts need a minimum width which your blog isn't providing, which is why the text is overflowing.  I'll need to look into reducing the width while keeping the formatting the same.


      I'll also add a new widget to display just the weekly/monthly stats without the latest workout.