Jane Tomlinson - RIP (Read 895 times)

    It may seem an odd place to write a tribute. But Jane Tomlinson was an astonishing woman and I can't think of a better place to write about her than in the celebrations and achievements section. I'm not too sure how well she was known in the US but to runners, cyclists and triathletes in the UK she came to have almost goddess status. Since being diagnosed with terminal breast cancer in 2000 and told she had 6 months to live she has run countless half and full marathons, cycled 4,200 miles across the US, cycled from Rome to her home in Yorkshire and completed Florida Ironman. She has raised over £1.75m ($3.5m) for cancer research in the process. She died in hospital last night. RIP Jane. Cry

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      She fought it to the end and gave it all she had to give. Thanks for writing this about her. She is an inspiration for all athletes.
        Thanks, Mandy, she was an amazing women, RIP, Jane Jane Tomlinson

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