Running in Bermuda (Read 333 times)

    I am going on a cruise to Bermuda this summer (Norwegian Dawn out of Boston).  Has anyone run in Bermuda and have tips of places to run?


    We are docking in King's Wharf, and looking at the map it doesnt look like it is that accessible to the bike path.  I love to run in new cities and would like to get some sightseeing in while I run.






      We did the same cruise about 14 years ago ... I think it was the Majesty back then.  Anyway, 1st ... the water up here is different for cruising than down South, given we went in April, LOTS of sea sickness on board (staff included) keep it in mind and plan ahead.  Back then I wasn't as dedicated as I am now & took a week 'off' from running so I can't give you first hand info on 'running' on the island BUT I will just throw out a word of caution ... we rented mopeds and went from one end of the island to the other (it's not very big) and we consistently saw INSANE driving from the locals, including buses.  They drive FAST & very close to objects i.e. buildings, other cars, people etc...just be very careful when you are running and expect that they will NOT BE EXPECTING you running down the road.  You can probably create your own little out & back or repeat loop which will please you - lots of water views.  Just be careful and enjoy!


        There's a trail along most of Middle Road, I think. It's a rail-to-trail kinda thing. Look up Bermuda's Railway Trail. Enjoy!


          went there this april for a cruise from Bayonne, NJ...totally agree with Ms. Pratt about the sea sickness...we were very thankful that we had those behind the ear seasickness patches on for entirety of the ride, as it was PUKE CITY...we were just kinda sleepy the whole time, but I'll take that over PUKE CITY anytime.


          As for running- we were also docked at kings ward--- it went for an early morning run there on our second day...while the roads did not have sidewalks (or shoulders for that matter), it was really nice to see the part of the island i wouldn't have seen via public transport.  I was impressed at how tidy everything was, even in the non UBER wealthy area of Kings Warf.  If you're game, I'd suggest you take the public transit bus to somewhere along the rail trail and run the coastline from there...from bus window, it seemed to go on for ever, and I think you could pick it up at multiple places.