Crossed the 10,000 mile mark this weekend! (Read 186 times)

    Nice! I remember when you started, to get in shape for hunting, with no interest in becoming a runner.

    I guess the joke is on you 


    Your journey has been fun to watch. Thanks for sharing it here.


      Is this the new thing now? announcing when you've crossed a certain lifetime milage threshold. I guess it's not enough to tell all your co-workers and friends about your marathons and other stuff.   Runners do nothing to endear themselves.


      Belated congratulations to you on hitting the 10,000 mile mark!

        That's incredible!! I also started running in 2011 (Aug 29th per my running excel sheet) just before making 54 yrs old. Wanted to walk my energetic sports dog and ended up running. Also my sons were just starting to run in Cross Country in 6th and 8th grade so I took up jogging. Anyhow to make a long story short I have logged 4677 miles since Aug 29,2011. I have raced in various races from 5K to 1/2 Marathon (about 180 miles worth) Again Congratulations for that great accomplishment.

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          <3's heckin long zoomies

            That's impressive mileage! Congrats!

            Started running - 2014

            1st marathon - 2017


            Still trying to figure out a good training plan that works for me.