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    As a programmer I have to say bravo.  That is a lot of detailed work on your part.  Very well thought out.  I also think this would be a great feature.  Thanks to my self diagnosed ADD I could not read the whole thing but from what I read I loved. 


    Exccellent job Matt. 

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      This thread was referenced to a suggestion I made about race calendars.  This idea is much more involved than what I was considering as a suggestion but after reading through this thread I'm curious to know if this is still in the works or not?

        I am working on this right now.  I don't know when it will be ready because I jumped shark a little and worked on the second piece of this first.

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          Eric - That's great news!  This is a really cool feature.  I'm not sure what is the second piece but I'm looking forward to the addition.

          The idea that I had would tie into this feature nicely.  The group that I post to most often keeps a rolling calendar of upcoming races for group members in the forum.  It's a "daily" thread. Every day we copy and paste the calendar from the day before.  A "nice to have" feature would be for groups to be able to have a widget displayed at the top of the page showing the upcoming races for each user.


          Following the awesome example of the OP, I have mocked up a table... :-)


            This is a GREAT idea........Hope Eric can include it.....I like it....Big grin

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              Hi Eric,

              I was thinking about this feature request and wondering if you still have plans to implement it?