Strange behaviour when creating a new graph (Read 350 times)



    first of all congratulations for your great work!!!


    I noticed a strange behaviour when I create a new graph (report -> new graph)


    1.) I create a graph for 'calories' (all excercise types). For some days the entries are not present although the are correctly set (as I can see in the 'Workouts'.view). The missing entries seem to be randomly divided, I cannot find any correlation to run-type etc. (I already have studied the xml-export-file to identify such a correlation)


    2.) I create a graph for 'calories' and select only the 'run'-entries. Now every entry is present - but the colors for the different run-types do not match with the ones I created for my own run-types (some of them have the color of the default-run-type and I only use custom run-types). And again I can find no correlation. A run-type which has correct color on one day has the 'default-color'-type at another day


    3.) I create a graph for 'effort'

    Same behavour as 2.)


    These are all imho no big issues since generally everything works fine :-)

     But it would be really cool if you could have a look at it.






      What I'm experiencing may be related... I've created a graph for calories per week with "all activities" in the selection box where the graph is created.  However, the graph only shows calories from Runs and Bikes, no Swims, Circuit training, etc.  Those are smaller amounts so perhaps they are too small to even show up but I don't think that would be the case.


      Like rj I don't see this as a huge issue but nice to have worked out if possible.


      Thanks so much for this great site!!!!


      (MacBook Pro running 10.6.8 & Safari)


      Be well,


        Hi Michael,

        1. The calorie data is calculated on the fly.  It probably should be cached.  When you create the graph, the software can't handle mixed activities because each activity has a different calorie formula so the behavior is somewhat undefined.


        2. You have multiple runs per day.  When you graph the calories by date, the values are summed for each day.  Other metrics such as temperature is averaged.  Anyway, if you have multiple runs per day, the software doesn't know what color to use to represent the data point so it uses the run's default color.


          I don't have formulas to calculate calories for activities other than running and cycling.  I'd be happy to add them but I imagine that most of them may not be accurate and may do more harm than good.  For example, calorie expenditure for swimming depends a lot on technique.  Imagine the swim formula reports you expended 1000 calories when you really burnt only 500...