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    Too soon!



      sowwy  Sad


      Running is stupid

      Feeling the growl again

        Trent, give up.  The guy has apparently found a good excuse not to run and you're going to ruin it for him.

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          18 years old, so what? Newton's laws are even older Smile. I found another excerpt more interesting: "In rhesus monkeys an increase in liver glycogen induced by glucose loading was accompanied by an increase in attenuation values on computed tomography and a decrease in total liver fat. Conversely, fasting depleted glycogen, increased fat, and decreased liver attenuation".

          So, high liver glycogen decreases fat. Low liver glycogen is replaced with fat. It does not happen quickly, I assume, but still...


          monkeys !!


          If I am fat everywhere, is that better or worse than fatty liver ??

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            No, I'm not trying to convince anyone in what I'm not convinced in Smile. Please, don't get me wrong. I appreciate all well-grounded opinions, of which Trent's was most valuable. While discussing the question here I've read and learned a lot and found an answer for myself. Thanks to all participants!