2012 BMO Vancouver Marathon was too long for the first 148 finishers (Read 378 times)


    From <http://runningmagazine.ca/2012/07/sections/news/the-bmo-vancouver-marathon-was-382m-long/>


    According to a pair of emails that were sent to the top 148 finishers of the May 6 race, the error was actually discovered during the race and an adjustment was made on the fly as runners rounded the halfway point. Only the first 148 finishers ran long in the end.


    In a follow-up email Myers clarifies the situation regarding the overly long times:

    “In the last two weeks we have consulted and reviewed this situation with BC Athletics and Athletics Canada and have been advised that the course that day will be recognized as long for those 148 runners, but the times will remain as they are without correction.”

    The Runner Life

      I wonder how they figured it out mid-race?