Half Marathon Training Long Runs (Read 140 times)


    I would totally recommend including some 14-16 milers.  I found including runs longer than half marathon distance to be very beneficial for my endurance and race management over a half marathon.  I was training for my first marathon for much of last year and I don't think it's a coincidence that I started negative splitting HMs more regularly when I was often doing long runs of 28-30km.


    Strambo - the lots of MPW thing works for some people, but not everyone.  Although, for a marathon there is definitely a minimum level of mileage you need to hit to be able to properly train endurance and your aerobic system.  There are a few around (like me), who train lower mileage than a lot of serious runners but run a lot more fast stuff.  It's a pretty individual thing though and really comes down to what your body responds to best (and how you manage risk of injury).


    5km: 16:43 (Auckland Corporate Challenge, Nov-17) | 10km: 34:44 (Albany Lakes Summer Series, Race 2, Feb-17)

    HM: 1:18:20 (Auckland Half Marathon, Oct-16) | FM: 2:57:36 (Auckland Marathon, Oct-17)

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