New running shoes for running on the pavement (Read 650 times)


    Im looking for some new trainers for running on pavement with. I am fairly new to running and i have no idea about all the fancy functions and all that malarkey, Whats good and what should i look out for. Please help. Confused
      Short answer: get thee to a running specific shoe store (NOT Foot Locker, Champs or the like) and get professionally fit. It will cost you more, but the extra money will probably be worth the comfort. Or so I hear... I have not yet followed this particular advice, but I'm due to replace my current pair and will do just that. Once you know what brand and model feel best on your feet, then you can do your shopping around online, at discount stores, etc... looking for that shoe. But, you'll want to buy at least the first pair at the place that fits you; it would be pretty crappy to have them spend all of that time with you measuring your feet, analyzing your gait and so on and then not spend any money in their store. OK, maybe not so short an answer. Big grin I'm sure that someone a little more knowledgeable will be around shortly to give a much better and more detailed answer.
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        It will cost you more, but the extra money...
        ...but it may not be extra money at your local running store. I got fitted at a local store, and am a regular Web shopper, but haven't found a deal that is much better than the local store...maybe $5 savings, or maybe $10, but with shipping, it usually evens out to pretty close to the same, and I'd much rather support the local store if it doesn't mean big bucks out of my pocket!
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