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    Congrats to Mark D on a great run at Bay Days 5 Miler. 1st place in AG. I didn't run this year, but that is a very good race to run on typically a very hot day.
      Congrats are in order, Mark ran a very good race. I ran the race also, man was I glad to see the people from Bay Village out on the streets with water hoses spraying us down as we ran by. It made a hot day a little better.
        Hey, thanks guys. I was in town for the holiday last weekend and on a whim decided to enter the race. It was pretty warm and my pacing was a little less then desireable -- :15 slower each mile for the first 4. But then I saw the results and noticed I took 1st in the elusive 25-29 age group and was quite surprised and happy.
          Wow - whim win...wonderful!

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