Doing anything special for National Running Day on June 6th? (Read 709 times)

Bushrat Runner

    We had an ice cream party at the Katmai office today. Couldn't think of appropriate celebration that was more in keeping, since dry hot ash isn't very edible...


    And I also ran my 4 mile commute run...

      I went for a run...

      visited my mom's grave because it was her birthday...

      and celebrated life when my cousin gave birth to a baby boy last night.

        6 easy fartlek miles. Was feeling perfectly fine and relaxed.


        On the way back , teenager riding a bike, smoking a cigarette says:


        " come on man, you can do it " !!






          I met up with a local running group for my first organized group run Smile It was a great little group with a scenic route followed by free appetizer and a beer at the local Irish pub. They plan to do them every other Thursday and I think it will be fun Smile