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    Man... I just checked back into the old place and it's still being overrun with spam.  It's like Spam-a-lot there but without all the singing.


    It's gotta be an ousted former forum member directing the attacks.  I've never seen  a forum so overrun with spam before. 


    Mark Remy must be pulling what's left of his his hair out.

    Nasreddin Hoja

      Maybe, but prolly not.  I'm an Admin at two sites.  One of them, we fixed by disabling new users and the other we have new users on Mod Queue.

      The one with MQ, is pulling about 20 new users per hour since the beginning of the holiday season. I delete them all.  it should quiet down after NY.


        Just found this place.  Thought I'd check it out after seeing what happened to RWOL.  What a mess.

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          Hi everyone!

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              Yes Kris it worked.


                Was testing to see if my pic would save to my profile, then on the forum avatar.  It failed.  Not sure how I can screw up something so simple as attaching a pic to the avatar, but you guys can be spared seeing me, at least  for a time anyway. Approve


                My overall Opinion of the runningahead forums so far on my first day here:  Superior to the RW forums on several fronts.  I am a refugee, but now applying for permanent citizenship here.  So long RW.   


                Boy, what is up with this poor emoticon fella?  Black eye

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                  You need to load your avatar under "Forum Preferences" rather than "Profile." Then we'll be able to see you, which is good because a lot of us can't be bothered with reading names.

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                    Hello Hello....I can't get my pic to upload...Oh Well.

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                      Buelligan are you serious about a forum member casing the spam?

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                        It's nice around here!


                        Found the Marathon Training and Discussion group:


                        Not much traffic yet (nearly every thread is a zombie thread! Smile)


                        Looks like MRT is just getting started as well:

                        One day at a time

                          We had the same spammers (live streaming of sports events) on a college website I help moderate.  We just had to be relentless.  We banned them over and over again, until they gave up.  It took several days for them to go away.  They kept switching IP addresses, so we couldn't get rid of them that way.


                            I have been here for a few years as I was part of the CR migration - I have a question to RW Refugees:  Are you not keeping your log on RA yet or do you have your logs hidden.  The culture at RA is the vast majority of people leave their logs public.


                            I guess I am suprised at the number of people asking running related questions without open logs.  The answer to a question is often crafted better with a frame of training reference.


                            RA is a generally supportive place, we tend to get a little snarky, but rarely mean - A lot of the OGs have a ton of knowledge they share pretty freely.


                            Welcome to all - Definately a transition for the new and old RA peope alike.  Eventually we will all be RA and not RW refugees and

                            existing RA poeple.  I hope that if RW ever gets their shit together that many of you decide to stay.  Unless you have troll in you blood - then please leave.


                            good running to all!

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                              Thanks for the welcome DoppleBock. And, just for the record (not that it much matters), I don't much care if RW gets their shit together. I'm staying.

                              Not if it makes sense.


                                New RWOL refugee. I figured I would give this site a try and see what it's like.