Bulk editing OR full import CSV/XML (Read 515 times)


    RA is great, and is a breath of fresh air coming from Runkeeper or MMR. HOWEVER there is one feature that is lacking that I am finding incredibly frustrating to work around.


    I have two years worth of workouts from RK and MMR imported now, and have been doing new workouts for a few months now.


    I'd love to be able to do charts based on effort (effort of 2-10, but not 1). But none of my 2 years of old workouts have effort involved. I could do this if charts had an exclusion (ANY effort, but NOT 1, which would include unmarked workouts) but it can't do this. 



    This would all be rendered moot if I could do bulk edits of workouts. If not that, then at LEAST let me export my workouts, edit them on my own in Excel or whatever, and then re-import them. But I can't do this because:
    A) RA does not allow imports of either of the backup file types (CSV or XML). I would need to take the CSV and reduce it to the one possible generic CSV import template, which would eliminate about half of the fields

    B) I cannot easily delete all of my account's workouts, so I would have to import them into a new account or do all the deleting one by one


    So please, at the very least allow us to import the data that we export. Ability to bulk edit/delete workouts would be good too. An exclusion option for charting would be nice but I'm not holding my breath. 

      I can wipe your account data for you if you wish, but it's either all entries or none.  You can't pick and choose.


      I add features based on actual or perceived demand.  If you can get enough users to request this feature, then I'll bump it up the priority list.


      You can filter effort out effort of 1 by specify effort from 2 to 10 on the search form.