Kinvaras for foot & leg strengthening (Read 2415 times)


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          I love mine Smile


          certainly my fav shoe


            Terrible shoes if you have Plantar Fasciitis...they do not "strengthen" feet and legs any more than traditional exercises do


              I know nobody who transitioned to them.  They just put them on and ran.


              Same here. I bought them, ran with them, and now use them for all runs under about 13 or so miles.  For further distance, I like the Asics DS trainer, though that's not really what you're asking for.


              I haven't noticed any difference since I started running with the Kinvaras.  I mean, I like them and will buy them again, but I feel the same as I did pre-kinvara.  Though I did not buy them for any reason other than wanting to try a new shoe.


              I have run in the vibram 5 fingers.  I own a pair but don't really care for them. 

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                I've been training in the Kinvara since last July.  I can't really recall any transition period.  I'm not sure about the foot/leg strengthening either and honestly, I'm another one who is pretty much "over" the minimalist shoe movement.  I choose a shoe based on comfort (I like cushion) and then I just run... naturally.


                I do know that I LOVE these particular shoes.  Aside from a pair of Brooks Inspire that I throw into the mix now and then, I pretty much do all of my training in the Kinvara (I have a pair of blue and a pair of pink).  I've done a few half marathons in them and some longer training runs as well.  For me, they are a very versatile and comfortable shoe.

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