weights while on a treadmill? (Read 2109 times)


    Personally, I prefer to lift and then run, and I try to avoid carrying extra weight while I am running.

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      God no. I hate the mill, but use it when I have to. Lately, I've been using it quite a bit. I also do boot camp, walk, and bike. ( when I can ! ) I have a lot of flab on my arms, and just wish it would go away. I don't have time nor the desire to go to the gym and "really" lift... The core work at boot camp has helped too. We do a lot of old school push ups. Man, are those hard !! Oh, and I still have not lost the 6 lbs I gained at Xmas. I'm down three.. I really need to cut back on the eating/drinking thing...
      In my humble uneducated opinion, it sounds like your use of weights is reasonable AND in line with your overall goals. Of course, spot working won't rid the flab, but overall improvment in toning and calorie burn should start to reduce it. Maybe that is where the three lbs are hanging around..... Tongue
        I never recommended it. Brisk walking with an arm swing will burn more calories and drop bodyfat to see "your tone" rather than slowing the treadmill and trying to get in some resistance work. It can lead to shoulder issues because there is a bit of a swing when walking briskly. You also can't lift a heavy enough wait to keep running form while also breaking down some muscle tissue. It would take you a heck of a lot of reps at 3lbs to reach failure which will have minimal effect on toning. I am against it!!!

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          If you are already doing pushups those little weights aren't going to provide any added benefit.

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            Doing anything other than walking or running (facing forward) on a treadmill is asking for trouble, i.e. falling and hurting yourself, someone on a machine next to you and/or damaging the treadmill itself. Using weights on a treadmill is borderline idiotic. I've seen it - it's not pretty - don't do it. Such an activity is close to the top of the stupidest things I've seen at the gym - picture a guy walking backwards on a treadmill doing military presses with weights. Now picture the same guy falling backwards, i.e. to the front the treadmill, with that motion causing him to slam the weights into the motor housing as his back then head hit the belt. He was then ejected off the back of the treadmill... he was pretty banged up as was the treadmill.
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              Ok. I will nix the weights while on the mill. Thanks everyone!

              - Anya