Foot pain, clear x-rays (Read 94 times)


    Hi Guys (and gals)


    I have only relatively recently discovered running, and it is helping me reshape my body. I have lost 20lb since November, and I feel and look much better (although still have 16lb to go!). I have fallen in love with running and cycling. My current routine consists of two 4-7 mile runs and one 20 mile cycle per week, plus a couple of hours toning on the weights bench.


    Last Thursday we did a hill running session. I felt fine while running, but that evening I started to feel pain along the outside and underneath of my foot, what some people would attribute to peroneal tendonitis. I went to the doctors on Monday, and he sent me for x-rays on Tuesday, suspecting a march fracture on my 4th or 5th metatarsal. I had some x-rays taken of my foot and ankle, but there was no fractures.


    I spent yesterday at home, and didn't suffer any pain. I just took some ibuprofen and iced the foot to reduce swelling, and today It felt like it was getting better.


    Today there was no pain when standing on my right foot so I decided to walk to work. As I walk the pain gradually builds up until it is almost unbearable. There is still pain on the outer edge of the foot, but also under the arch and a little on top as well. There is also pain around the ankle and in the lower calf. It just seems to be getting worse every time I walk!


    I have booked another appointment with the doctor, but that isn't until a week on Friday. It's pretty evident that I can't keep walking around as it is just making it worse.


    I guess my questions are as follows:


    Does this sound like a pretty bad case of peroneal tendonitis? How much damage could I have done in just one run? The thought of ripping tendons makes me feel sick. (im very squeamish).


    What can i do to reduce swelling and promote healing?


    Are there any stretches I can do to help, and is it wise to do them while injured?


    Kinesio tape - could this help support my foot during the healing process (I cant avoid walking all together).


    Should I consider some form of physiotherapy, or perhaps asking to see podiatrist when I see the doctor next week?






      It sounds like peroneal. You could have torn it which will require surgery.  You need an MRI to see tears.  If its just inflamed He will likely put you in an air cast for a few weeks. Stretching will only make it worse. You can buy an ankle stabilizing brace until your appt to keep the ankle from flexing.





        Thanks for the reply Traci, I was beginning to think this place was a ghost town!


        I have been resting up for the last few days and not done any walking, and there is very little pain. it's only when I start walking that it gets serious.


        I'll ask for an MRI when I go into the doctors. Hope nothing is torn though!


        Thanks for the advice!



        And in the end...

          It does sound like peroneal tendinitis.  The cure is usually simple... don't run for a couple of weeks.  I had it back in 2004 when I started training for marathons and it sidelined me for almost a month because I tried to come back too soon.  As for a fracture, those won't typically show up on xray until calcification occurs... I think xrays pick up somewhere in the neighborhood of 50% change of bone density.  A new stress fracture often won't show up.  A bone scan picks up 2% change in bone density, but I doubt that's what you had done.


          Fuck it. I'm gonna PR this fall. Let's do this.