can't get rid of shoes (Read 624 times)

    It seems that when I try to delete an old shoe, I get the message that I cannot unless I delete the training entry. I certainly can't and don't want to do that. Could you allow for the deletion of a shoe without such other trouble? Thanks, Mike
    Neil Gunn

    Gandalf the Grey

      Mike In the 'edit shoes' screen there is an option to 'retire' old shoes - I guess old shoes retire rather than die. When they are retired they do not appear in the drop-down list for your new run entries. This means that old runs can still be associated with old, retired shoes. Hope this helps, Neil UK Smile

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        In order to delete the shoes you have to rid every run in your log that lists those shoes. You'll have to just make it blank and not record what shoes were worn. To do this, use the search function on your log, and then search only on the pair of shoes you want to delete. Then you have to edit each of them individually until there are no runs logged with those shoes, at which time you can delete the shoes.