America's Finest City Half Marathon: race update! (Read 460 times)

    Big grin that's my PR perma grin!!! This was my third HM, I ran this same race last year as my first hm ever. The first mile or 2 SUCKED!!! I ended up waaaaaaaay back away from the start line and had to weave through tons of people at an 8:55 pace. I wasted a ton of time. But it was pretty much down hill till mile 5 or so. Then it went flat and ended with an SOB Angry of a hill at mile 12. Dead I figured, even if I blew my wad early, I'd only suck about 30seconds on the hill so I went for it and surprisingly, made it up the hill at a sub 8:30 pace. So last year my time was 1:54:20 This year, 1:48:31 I ended up 41 in my division(35-39yoF), so that was cool too. Don't see those numbers often. Blush Big grin overall, I'm very pleased. I don't do a lot of hill training but the down hill will hurt me, pretty much all week.
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      Wow, that is awesome! and your time is really great--my goal is to get to that kind of pace! I'm doing my first HM in a couple of months and I am hoping and praying for about a 10:30 mile pace...I'm a turtle! Big grin k

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        Congrats on the PR! That's a great time, and probably could have been even better if not for the start. Knocking 6 minutes off your time is quite an accomplishment. Well done!
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