RIP Mr. Treadmill (Read 566 times)



    I love and hate mine.


    96, I will point out. Not too shabby.

      "Staub envisioned it as a tool for people who wanted to run or walk outside but didn't because of inclement weather, less-than-ideal circumstances or creative excuses, his son said."

      Cool Jump Suit

        Sad....he never went anywhere in life.  96 is a ripe old age though.   Good thing he never saw what I did to my last treadmill.

        So bittersweet,
        This tragedy
        Won't ask for absolution;
        This melody,
        Inside of me,
        Still searches for solution.
        A twist of faith,
        A change of heart
        Cures my infatuation.
        A broken heart, 
        Provides the spark
        For my determination.