temperature no longer being populated (Read 35 times)


    I noticed a few weeks ago, thought maybe it was a bug that would get corrected.. but it hasn't yet.   I know I've seen this happen in the not too distant past.  Curious to where that info is pulled from - is it the file from the watch (Garmin Forerunner 235 in my case) or it pulled from external web site during the processing of the upload.

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      The weather info is added to the run on import from an external source -- it doesn't come from the device or Garmin Connect.


      There was a brief period earlier this month when the weather lookup service wasn't working, but that was resolved on Mar 15. Workouts imported from then on have been getting weather appended.


      Weather auto-fill does require an active paid subscription to RunningAhead (this is defray the cost of the lookup service) -- check that your subscription is still active via Options > Subscription Plan.

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        Looks like my subscription ran out... probably right around the time I lost "weather"....  I'm guessing there is no auto reminder that subscription is lapsing...


          No there is no auto reminder that your subscription is lapsing.  You will see ads pop up when your subscription has ended.