Runner Box vs Runner Crate (Read 178 times)


    Has anyone subscribed to either of these? Is it worth it? Which is better?


    Thanks for the feedback!

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      I haven't tried that yet. Do you have to put something in the box or do you just carry it empty?

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        I hadda google it myself Enric. Do you need to subscribe to that? can't you just stock up on energy gels, Luna bars and such. OR better yet, make your own energy balls, can find recipes online. I have a recipe I modified the uses Almond butter and dried Blueberries and is DAMN good.

          I understand what they're trying to do, but seems like a silly idea to me. A consumer can just as easily (probably cheaper) order products off Amazon or a site like runningwarehouse.com



            I subscribe to Stridebox.


            Is it worth it?  Probably not if you mean, do I use $15 worth of items in every box.  I like discovering new products, though.  For example, the gel I use now for marathons was one I discovered through a box.  (My LRSs don't carry it so now I order it from the manufacturer.)  One nice thing is that you get sample sizes and therefore, don't have to commit to a large amount of a product you might not like.  For instance, I got to try a couple of sports detergents without buying a month's worth of the product.  But, yeah, you end up with a lot of stuff you might not want.  Over the year/months that I've been a subscriber, I've probably gone through about half of the items.  I have a few packets of chia seeds I need to reckon with at some point.  Smile  If you want to see the types of items, I have a Stridebox tag on my blog and some of the posts have pictures.


            I'm not sure which product is better.  I've thought about trying Runner Box to see, but I'm afraid I'd be tempted to keep both.

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