Skins compression running tights (Read 709 times)


    Does anyone know if Skins Compression Running Tights provides needed warmth for winter running?

      A lot depends on your winter. Skins© do have a thermal version so the normal tights are probably not designed for really severe weather. They do advertise the material as "temperature controlled". I have used mine at 3°C with 15 mph wind on the sort of day when there was still ice on puddles and they were pefectly adequate. I think the windchill factor is more important than temperature but this year I have not so far had the weather to really test them. As I really rate these tights for training and recovery I would be prepared to wear them with a cheap pair over if the need arose. My feeling however is that they will suffice for "my " winter training.


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        Thank you. They were a Christmas present--I'll give them a try.

          I would rate the Skins non-thermal version as being the coldest of all my tights. I wouldn't wear them under 25 degrees or so. That said, I am a wimp.

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