Santa did not bring me new shoes ... (Read 622 times)

    But hubby and I hit a casino with my parents when we were visiting over Christmas and he won $360 on a quarter slot so I bought them for myself!!! Big grin FINALLY got my New Balance 1223's, I LOVE THEM!!!! Cool As an aside, we looked for my shoes in Dick's Sporting Goods while we were visiting mom & dad (we don't have one of those here in Little Rock) and I was disappointed to find they only sold ONE model of New Balance running shoes. Not sure if that is normal for Dick's but I walked out empty handed. I ended up buying them here at the regular NB store.
    ---- Cynthia
      That is very cool! Smile


        I checked at a Dicks around the Nashville area and they didn't carry many NB's. They had the 8505 and one other model (trail shoes), but nothing I could wear (since i have completely flat feet). I only saw Asics, Mizuno (I bought the Wave Inspire 3), and way too many Nikes for me to feel good about shopping there.
          I saw a lot of Asics and Nike's too! Undecided
          ---- Cynthia

            Good pick. Dicks usually carries the cheaper New Balance shoes or ones more considered for fashion over function. Its not allways the case, but most of the time.