New Research shows "Being overweight linked to lower risk of mortality" (Read 977 times)


    Alright, I guess we all will agree that mortality is 100% among dead people and as far as we're concerned, we the living ones are still immortal.



    Back to the OP, that research mentioned wasn't the 1st one of its kind. There're a few predated it also showed similar results ( the ones I saw for Asians lowest mortality risk was BMI 22.5-25, where the avg population sits). A few caveats to heed are

    1) the BMI group ranges are so wide that one shouldn't draw the conclusion that a person of BMI=30 is at less MR than one of 24. Indeed, it's the opposite (this is illustrated by other similar studies with narrower BMI ranges)


    2)it shows an over all mixed and flattened out pattern (U shape) and remember the advantage was only 6% for the lowest group over the others. Likely because factors cancel out each other. (well, other researches that have done more detailed studies show that clearly).


    3) don't take reporters' interpretation. Go read the research and see what method they used for the study and the results, etc.


    BTW, I didn't quite believe the avg holds regardless gender/ethnicity/smoking status..., so I googled this subject for different geographic regions (American, Europe, Asia). Got some more interesting and complete picture. Here's some studies from large numbers of participants (read the tables and figures if you have some time to spare)

    White Adult in US

    West Europe

    East Asia (and Korean only)



    BTW, low BMI, BMI<20 (not 18. this is what's more alarming), seems to be in very high MR associated with several diseases but diabetes.


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          According to this chart, maybe the "normal" range of BMI needs to be moved up a bit.


          It does put me (borderline normal at about 25 BMI) almost square in the middle of the green range. I like that!

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            Alright, I guess we all will agree that mortality is 100% among dead people and as far as we're concerned, we the living ones are still immortal.


            Incorrect. Dead people don't die. Only living people do. And 100% of living people die, statistically speaking.

              I do wonder whether there isn't a bit of confusion of correlation and causation here. I don't doubt that there are a number of serious illnesses and conditions that cause you to lose weight - many cancers for example. And such people have a good chance of dying. But that doesn't mean that being quite light necessarily implies higher risk of death in healthy people.