Can I still do this marathon? (Read 363 times)

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    Short version:  5th marathon, running for fun.  16, 18, 20 mile runs in the book.  Last long run aborted.  Race in 2.5 weeks.


    Tuesday was to be my last long run before my marathon on November 18.  On mile 6, I fell and slammed my knees pretty hard.  They were swollen and painful, but I think just bruised-- nothing torn or broken.


    Knees are still a bit sore, and I missed the last long run.  If I feel better, I will try again this Saturday, 2 weeks out from the race.


    If I don't feel well enough to go long, my last long run will be five weeks before the marathon.  My training has been haphazard, as it always is.


    I've done the last long run 3 weeks out in my last 4 marathons.  If I manage to get this run in this weekend, is 2 weeks out beneficial?


    Thanks, y'all.

    A Saucy Wench

      Finish?  absolutely.  Now me?  I'm screwed.


      I would focus more on the recovery even if you dont get a last run in and I wouldnt try to squeeze in another super long run.  Just do whatever medium longish thing was supposed to be 2 weeks out.  No point in getting over tired 2 weeks out with very little training benefit.

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      12 Monkeys

        What a stupid race.

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          You can't train for that one anyway.

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            What a stupid race.

             Oh no, not that one!!   Can you get your money back??


            Running is stupid