Specific Fastpack Race Vest? (Read 440 times)

    Hey everyone,


    I'm looking for a specific type of fastpack/ultrarunning pack and figured what better knowledge-base to tap than the forums on here.  Here's what I'm looking for specifically:


    1.  I want a race-vest...not pack.  In other words, I'd prefer no waist clip.  Can't stand running with a waist belt.  It always rides up onto my stomach.  Currently I use a Nathan HPL 020 for some of my long runs/ultras

    2.  I want it to have side pockets for water bottles.  I generally prefer bottles to bladders and the upcoming adventure/ultra/race that I have coming up I want to be able to carry two quick bottles and use the pack for storage (instead of a bladder)

    3.  I would like (don't need though), some pockets on the shoulder straps for front/quick-access storage of gels/food/etc.  This way I don't have to take the pack off every time i want a quick fuel-up.

    4.  I need it to have decent storage capacity, but not crazy.


    So far, the only packs I've been able to find that fit this bill are:

    1.  Nathan Synergy (removable bladder)

    2.  Ultimate Direction Diablo (only has 1 bottle on back, but a 2nd could be put in the pack)

    3.  Ultraspire Fastpack (Is not out yet, and does have a small waist clip...that could be tied out of the way.  It's also friggin' huge though)


    I also have a small go-lite Rush that has room for two-bottles and removable waist strap....but no front storage. Honestly, if the HPL 020 had side pockets for bottles, and was a hair bigger, it'd be perfect. 


    I guess what I'm asking is has anyone found a similar solution or used any of the above mentioned packs?  I've been leaning towards buying the "Synergy" but I've heard that if you put bottles in the side pockets, they bump on your elbows.


    I'd love to hear your thoughts!


    -john "lakewood"