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    I'm visiting in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area in near future and aside from Umstead, I'm looking for recommended running routes, paths and trails in the area. 



      American Tobacco trails


      Not really continuous, and paved, some areas not safe to run after dark (so i've been told)


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        +1 to the American Tobacco Trail...its my fave! If you are looking for something closer to town, google the Capital Area Greenway system...depending on where you are staying, you will most likely have a paved trail very close to you.

          There are also some very nice trails around the Falls lake area of North Raleigh. http://www.ncroadrunners.org/fall_lake_trail_info/falls_lake_nature_trail.pdf


            I used to live by Johnson Lake around Raleigh which is super nice for running. The trails around the Duke campus are pretty decent if you're closer to Durham.


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              You can download the rgreenway app, it will use your current location and point you to the nearest greenway entry point. The American Tobacco trail is good however I find it boring as its just long and straight (and it could just be me) but seems to be slightly uphill both ways Smile


              Im lucking and live about .8 miles from the greenway so that's where I do most of my running.  You can do big miles easy with minimal road crossings.


                you can search mapmyrun.com for area routes.  A lot of great ones will come up.  There is another Park in Durham- Eno River State park.  I've never run there myself, but there are several races held there, and quite a few running friends enjoy running there.


                The greenway system in Raleigh is great.  There are sections in Cary (some connect with Umstead), downtown-area, and North Raleigh.  Some sections I wouldn't run alone, but most are OK.  You didn't mention the distance route you were hoping for, but I'll second Lake Johnson-  it is a great 3-5ish mile route area.