My Beer Boot came today (Read 494 times)

    I just ordered a beer boot from New Hampshire 3 days ago and it came today, I pumped up Big grin The Beer Boot is similar to the one from “Beer Fest” except it’s a 1 liter boot not a 2. I plan on getting it engraved and it will become a trophy for my buddy and me. We do about 3 to 5 races and a couple of tri's a year and the races are always close. The winner of the race will get to keep the boot until the next race. The first race of the year will be the Haddonfield Running Co. Adrenaline 5k in March. I’ll let you know how it goes. Just thought I’d share Brendan
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      I have no idea what a beer boot is. But I think I want one.
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        I have no idea what a beer boot is. But I think I want one.
        (Honestly, hopes you are not serious.)


        I've got a fever...

          Hard to see here, but it's a boot shaped glass that holds 2L of beer. A splendid time is guaranteed for all. I once gave up alcohol for Lent, and celebrated Easter and the end of Lent by downing a boot at the stroke of midnight once it became Easter Sunday. Nothing says devout religiosity like getting hammered on Easter.

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            That is awesome Coach! My grandparents own the bowling alley in the town I grew up in. Every holdiay for us ends with an all-family bowling tournament. Usually there are about 25 people in all. The tourney usually takes about 6 hours to complete and includes a establishment of handicaps and an elaborate bracket. And we have an engraved trophy that travels with the winner until the next holiday. The trophy is a large cup and is ALWAYS used to drink beer out of. But it's getting a little old/rusty. I love the boot idea! May have to borrow your idea and replace the cup! Sara

            Princess Cancer Pants

              Hmmmm...2L of beer is a LOT of beer, unless we're talking Michelle's beer *cough* water *cough* of choice. The 1L one would be cool, though. I'd drink that. Big grin

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