Cleats for Running on Ice (Read 1610 times)

    Took awhile to find a link, but here they are..
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      I read some things on the RW forums that makes the YakTrax ones sound like they wear out fast. these are intriguing, but maybe not for $59! Shocked
      Those Katoolas are what I want, I think they would be great for early season hiking and working outside in the winter also.

      The whole world said I shoulda used red but it looked good to Charlene in John Deere Green!!

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        I tried Yaktrax and felt like I was running on steel the whole run. Granted, there was much less ice/snow on the ground than I thought there was, but it really killed me. Anyone experience this, and think something else worked better in this regard?


          Another vote for the screw shoes!

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            I love my YakTrax - I don't notice them, and I've never slipped while wearing them. We live on a private road that is not plowed very well, so it gets VERY icy most of the winter. I'm always running on ice! Teresa
              http://www.skyrunner.com/screwshoe.htm As RTW commented, it can be a little weird on clear patches of road, but it never really bothered me much. I can see how it might bug someone tho, if your prone to being annoyed. Did this for many years in highschool/college. And it costs about a dollar.
              Err. That link is by The Matt Carpenter, the trail running God. Worth noting. Anyhow, I run in YakTrax myself.


                I'm not sure why people think the Yaktrax wear out quickly. I've put many hundreds of miles on my Yaktrax Pro's over the past couple of winters on some very technical trails and they are still going strong. In fact, they still look like new. Maybe I just got lucky with a really good pair. :-) And I can't imagine putting screws into the bottom of my shoes with the pointed ends TOWARD my feet! Helloooooooo, anybody else see a problem with this?? :-)

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                  And I can't imagine putting screws into the bottom of my shoes with the pointed ends TOWARD my feet! Helloooooooo, anybody else see a problem with this?? :-)
                  Before the NYD race I did there was a guy who decided to try screw shoes and as soon as he put them on had to remove a few. Like me his primary shoe is a lower-profile, lightweight trainer and was simply not thick-soled enough to accommodate screws without them poking his feet. k

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                    I've done a few runs now in my Asics Gel Arctic WR. Last year I did the whole "screws in my shoes" thing and was only moderately happy with that system. The Asics have been fantastic--it is like running on dry pavement!

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                      Wish I'd known about these things in 2004...I went for a run on an icey trail and ended up in the hospital with a broken ankle. Slid right off the trail into a ditch. I'll keep watching this site to find out what the final results are and then purchase!