Blinded By the Light (Read 384 times)


    Make your own! Quantum Bits


    One of the usage suggestions on the page is to glue them on the back of your shoes for nighttime runs. Wink


    I think there are shoes sold for this purpose, but don't have an idea where.

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      The glare emanating from the orange one in the middle and the yellow one on bottom was not the result of flash or excessive sunlight.  They were really too bright to even stand looking at.


      When I walked through the door several customers were commenting how ridiculous the colors were.


      Too bad. I already got you the orange ones for your birthday.

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        Mine. Don't need lights or electricity. They match everything...or nothing, depending on how you look at it. If you can Look at it, that is.


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        Asics Noosa 6

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          Just got these in the mail from Puma.  They're wear-test shoes which always seem to come in the loudest colors (I guess to make people ask you about them?).  You might think these badboys were road flats or track shoes but you'd be wrong as they are trail shoes!

          MTA: Puma FAAS 700 TR, 9.6 ounces, well-cushioned, neutral, LOUD


          Feeling the growl again


            Too bad. I already got you the orange ones for your birthday.


            They will work perfectly for hunting season.  Big grin

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