Password Reset - No Response from Support Email Address (Read 57 times)


    I am a captain on a 2020 in 2020 team and one of my teammates can't get his password reset.  He was directed to email the support@runningahead.com email address.  I contacted him when it seemed like he hadn't made any progress and he says he has emailed that address but has not received a response.  Is there another way that passwords can be reset?


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      Eric is the only one who has access to do password resets.

      Sometimes you have to be patient waiting for a response.

      (Game admins are keeping an eye on this too.)

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      eric :)

        Hi Lane,

        I have not received the support email. Email deliver has been spotty lately due to upstream email servers blocking a large swath of IP addresses in the data center where RA's servers are housed. Could you let me know who this person is and I'll get it sorted out?


        eric Smile


          Eric - I will send a private message.  Thank you for your help!