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    Hi Eric,


    Would it be possible to add something so that you can display multiple streaks?  Maybe set some kind of criteria to show streaks of say  30 days or more?  Something like that would be nice.  Thanks.

      Hi Annapuma42,

      Could you provide me with some examples of how your proposal should look like?  I don't understand what you mean by multiple streaks.


      eric Smile

        I think many people have fairly long-term streak ambitions, but for me personally that is not very appealing.  Most of my streaks will revolve around a training cycle, and I would just like to be able to compare length of streak, average miles per day, and calendar time frame.  It may be something that I should try to create a custom report for, but I really like the streak widget, I just wish I could view streaks other than my current and longest.  I can see how what I am asking may not really be in the spirit of what the running streak is all about, at the same time I like striving to break a previous longest streak, or increase my avg miles per day, but really have no interest in becoming so obsessed over a streak that i risk injury or jeopardize my health.  Its tricky, because what number of days should constitute a streak, for purposes of the streak widget?  Maybe if it looked something this with option of how many previous streaks to display?   Thanks again!


        Current Steak

        1 day 4 miles


        Longest Streak

        100 days (1000 miles)

        1/1/2012 - 4/10/2013

        3 months 10 days

        10 Miles per day


        Previous Streaks

        90 days (900 miles)

        1/1/2012 - 3/30/2013

        3 months

        9 Miles per day


        80 days (800 miles)

        1/1/2012 - 3/20/2013

        2 months 20 days

        8 Miles per day

        an amazing likeness

          What about an alternative idea / approach Annapuma42....let's call them "goals" rather than "streaks".


          Let's say you could set a group of different goals with a start date and end date + number of miles, or number of runs and then see your current goals...something along the lines of:


          Goal 1:  Run 90 miles between 1/1 and 2/28  [goal = distance between date x and date y]

          Result: 99 miles run in 42 events, average 5 mi / run. 110% of goal.


          Goal 2: Run 500 miles between 1/1 and 5/31

          Current progress: 410 miles run in 100 workouts, avg 4.1 mi / run. 82% of goal


          Goal 3: Run 2014 miles between 1/1 and 12/31

          Current progress: 410 miles run in 100 workouts, avg 4.1 mi / run. 225 of goal.


          Goal 4: Run 70 runs between 1/1 and 2/28

          Result: blah, blah, blah


          Is this idea closer to what you're seeking than a "streak" ?  Your example made me think about "multiple" streaks...so I'm just curious if this type of a goal approach is more like what you'd like.

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            I like your idea, but I think all I am trying to get is the information back that you lose when a current streak ends.  My last streak was just a few days short of breaking my longest streak, and I lost all the info about it, number of days, total miles, miles per day, date range.  I would really just like to be able to get that info back for significant streaks, or streaks of more than say 30 days, or some other set number.

              do you keep a backup running log or just the log on RA?

                I find this idea interesting, but I ended up reading the thread because I read it as 'Running Streak Addictions'.


                  I think your request is best added in the reports section instead of the summary page because past streaks except the longest don't have much relevance to your current streak.  I'll add your request to the queue and see if I can tie it into the reporting system.


                  eric Smile

                    I was just trying to figure out a way to run a report to get this information but couldn't figure out a way to do it.


                    I know my longest streak was 123 days and 971 miles and my current streak is 23 days and 156 miles, but I have no idea how long my 2nd longest streak was.  Or how many streaks over 30 days I've had.


                    I think I had a streak that lasted close 90 days before it ended when I broke my collarbone, but short of going back and counting workouts and double checking that I had one not sure how I can get this information.


                    Maybe there's a way to run a report that I'm just missing?


                    Thanks, Nathan

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